Business Review

Business Review

Before we start to make changes to a business, it is important to understand how ‘Ready for Growth’ it really is. There is nothing worse than embarking on a journey only to find that there were some important things that would have helped you, if you had only known about them before you started.

The review places particular emphasis on six critically important areas of the business that have a large influence on the transformation journey.

The findings from the review help to identify what preparations (if any), may need to be put in place to simplify the route towards achieving the aspirational vision of the business.

Business Leadership

Many years of working with our Customers across a wide variety of sectors has taught us that the ‘Mind Set’ of a business leader is inextricably linked to the type of business that is constructed and the performance it is able to achieve.

The traditional business mind set is commonplace as are the features that we associate with the way these businesses are built and operated. We understand the pressures that leaders experience that draws them into the day to day running of a business to make a success of it, only to find the business becoming reliant upon them to put in the significant working hours required to continually meet the changing demands being placed on the business.

We will work with you to identify your aspirational vision for the business you aspire to create in the future and explore with you the right mind set needed to engage your workforce to build this business with you.

Business Leadership

Management & Control

Management and Control

Successful businesses are achieved through the right balance of management and control, however when a business is experiencing a period of accelerated growth, the management systems may become overwhelmed and critical performance blind spots can occur that expose the organisation to the risk of profit erosion or a reduction in customer service standards and/or quality problems. Any one of these can do damage to business reputation and career prospects.

We work closely with our clients to evaluate their management and control systems, processes and capabilities before they reach breaking point and assist in the introduction and development of cost effective future proofing solutions that ensure robust management and control is maintained during periods of accelerated growth and beyond.

Demand Generation

A Business cannot successfully grow if they do not generate a strong demand for their product and service offerings.

We understand the importance of creating a strong and healthy ‘Client Pool’ that is occupied by organisations that see value in your business and that have a relationship in which they choose to keep returning to buy more from your business.

Such client pools are the engine for sustainable business growth and require careful research to identify their preferred occupants as well as effective engagement campaigns to promote awareness and stimulate engagement.

Join one of our masterclasses?? to find out more about the art of client pool building and how to identify unmet market needs that can be overcome to encourage your target clients to switch suppliers to join your client pool.

Demand Generation

Intelligent Resourcing

Intelligent Resourcing

Sustaining accelerated growth whilst still making a strong contribution to profit is often the greatest challenge a successful business will experience.

Problems may often arise after a period of sustained growth where the calibre and capabilities of key resources becomes depleted as the sales demand continues to grow. In many situations, new sales opportunities can be generated more quickly than the time it takes to identify, acquire / recruit, train and equip key resources.

This can often leave an organisation vulnerable to failing to fully meet its customer expectations / requirements and in response it may decide to ‘throttle back’ on its sales generation, missing out on potential profit

contribution and growth targets or it may decide to throw resources at the problem and in so doing may experience significant profit erosion and still not avoid customer ‘let-down’.

Our team of business coaches and consultants work closely with our clients to understand the key resource requirements ahead of a period of sustained growth and explore a range of intelligent solutions as part of an integrated growth plan.


Innovation has the power to transform business performance and put your business in to a league of its own.

We provide small, highly experienced and innovative teams seamlessly embedded alongside your own to identify and explore the ‘Unmet’ needs that exist in your marketplace and quickly shape intelligent solutions to help to build your business in to a leader in its own field.

Discuss how we can help you to stand out from the crowd and gain competitive advantage or that will open up opportunities for you to disrupt the market more significantly and help you to build innovative new products that will propel your business to success.


Business Adaption

It was Charles Darwin who said:

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent of a species that survive but the one that is most able to adapt to change”

This is a true for business as it is the natural world. Those businesses that can build into their organisational structures, roles and responsibilities and culture a capability for continuously adapting to the changes that come from the rapid growth of a business / organisation are likely to be those that can survive and prosper over the medium and longer term.

Talk to us to discover how capable and prepared your business is for change and what additional steps may be required to embed the capability you need for the future.

Behaviours (DiSC Profiling)

Whilst its true that to achieve success, you need the right people on-board, but what happens if you are confident that you have the right people….but they just need to be nurtured to really unlock their potential? Our people are our biggest asset, but their unique personalities can also be our biggest business headache!

Here at PAGE, we are Certified DiSC Trainers who can use the proven DiSC models and concepts to help with:

  • Developing team and colleague relationships & cohesion
  • Reduce conflict (or the potential of it)
  • Increase effective communications across your teams
  • Increase individual and team interpersonal skills
  • Increase sales conversions through effective sales communications
  • Increase Leadership skill and understanding

By blending this engaging, insightful and powerful DiSC tool into many of our Business Transformation Programmes, we really can offer you added value and elevate your productivity, learning, performance and employee engagement.


Our approach to research, observation and the collation of the knowledge we acquire are at the heart of our success.

Our research activities work on two levels, namely:

  • The knowledge we gain from working closely with and at the core of our business clients has given us the opportunity to develop our highly innovative and successful business transformation programmes.
  • The understanding we have of business and in particular the phenomena that occurs when businesses undertake periods of accelerated growth lead us to undertake business related research studies for regional government organisations and councils. These studies provide information relating to the extent and nature of the business support landscape within a defined region. Such information can be passed onto our clients to assist them with applications for grants and other support available.

Contact us today to discuss your Business Transformation requirements