Liquid Storage Company - East Yorkshire.

Speaking as someone who has always been sceptical when it comes to “Training Courses for Subjective Disciplines” and by that I mean (not exhaustive) “Managing Change”, “Training the Trainer”, “Dealing with difficult people” etc. I have been refreshingly impressed by some recent training courses provided to us by PAGE Consulting.

Their “Marketing Plus” is undoubtedly Arwen Twinn who has the ability to quickly and accurately translate a “back of the fag packet” brief into a well thought out and pertinent training package and, more importantly, her courses are always well-received by an audience that is often as sceptical as I have been.

It must be noted that we have moved away from “generic” to bespoke” when it come to the style of training we require and although it may cost a few bob more – it is certainly worth it when it comes to the old effort vs. reward calculation.

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