Digital Marketing Company - East Yorkshire.

Sometimes you go on courses and you think it wasn’t useful at all, but not this one … the sessions were really insightful and we’ve learnt about things that we can put into practice and are going to benefit us. Arwen’s been fantastic - so knowledgeable - the subject she’s delivered have been really interesting and she’s made us think about things differently.

The location is lovely, feels nice and relaxed but professional at the same time. It’s nice to get away from the office so we can focus on the sessions and the Gilberdyke office isn’t too far to come from Hull.

Arwen’s great. She’s on our level, can have a laugh but it’s obvious how much she knows about the subjects she’s delivering and seems very passionate. Not only does she know what she’s on about, but she always gets what our company is all about and never makes any suggestions that aren’t relevant to what we’re like here. Well worth going - genuinely.

Thanks a lot Arwen! 

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